Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Morning Beauty of the Week

I must confess that during my mundane monday morning meditation & oatmeal news time, I'm drawn to the naked men sites. It's a kooky little secret fetish and even worse, a complete waste of time. Moreover, I find it quite strange that after meditation, I put a cup of water, and half cut of oatmeal on the burner for five minutes or until I smell it burning. While the oatmeal burns I click on the laptop and read the news. Yet, increasingly, I can't resist viewing The Daily Naked Drool before I read the Guardian, The Globalist or the New York Times. I've justified this little secret fetish of mine as being simply an appreciation of the beauty of the Davidian form. However, this "Naked Man thing" has gone to new heights. I subscribe to a number of naked man sites which feature the most beautiful naked men. I've discovered that of the hundreds of public blogspot subscribers, I am the only female blogspot subscriber amongst hundreds of gay male subscribers. My god, at my age the site of a lovely naked man shouldn't be such a "cooch popper". To boot, it's kind of an embarrassing childish little secret.

The hypocrisy of it all is I've passed judgement on men who post those "that's so hot" comments. Yet, this morning, after I posted a ridiculous comment to one the naked men sites, something like; "absolutely beautiful bravo bravo applause applause"; I immediately realized there just might be a problem over here, damnit. It is official, maybe I need to find a NMA program; naked man anonymous 12 Clearly, if I'm viewing these sites before the day starts when I'm pressed for time and burning my oatmeal, it could be a little problem in denial, hello.

However, until I pass the denial stage, or discover that there is actually such a thing as a NMA program, I'll keep feeding the fetish, so check out the monday morning beauty of the week. He definitely deserves a standing ovation. Bravo, bravo, applause applause!

Gotta go, have an uberlicious day.
Until Next Time.... BCR!

Picture Source: Nov 27th The Daily Naked Drool


Soul Powers said...

Sometimes when you like what you like, you get a bit 'dumb-downed' when you try to articulate. LOL. I'm that way with the Naked Lady sites, LOL.

I just can't help myself sometimes.

Sexy at Forty said...

Hi - thanks for commenting at my blog.
And thank you for the hot guy picture!
This guy you have posted is totally NUMMY! :)