Monday, July 19, 2010


He appears to be a chatter bug, a bit quirky, clearly complicated, mysterious, interesting body type, short statured, we nearly weigh the same, with the eyes of an owl. Those mysterious eyes express such depth of emotion. At this point, I am not clear if it is an incredible depth of sensitivity or a bi-polar disorder. Only time will tell. Nonetheless, he has captured my attention.....for now.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

There is nothing sexy about runner's feet.......

It is about 5:30AM and the sun is not beaming brightly, yet. I am sitting here reading yahoo news, eating blueberries for breakfast, and preparing mentally to go running before the hot and humid heat hits. It is always interesting when runners look like a living Nike ad. Particularly, when their gear is tight, their sweat is managed, and they don’t smell. I am often baffled by how that is even possible. Seriously. I am a low key urban street runner, because I prefer not be seen during my sweaty, stinky, and torturous run that is only soothed by the tunes from my ipod. My gear “ain’t sexy”, as it always consists of one of my weathered ‘lifeisgood’ caps, any t-shirt and yoga shorts, the ipod, and a pair of sweaty saucony or addidas running sneaks. Unfortunately, my feet are the casualty. I just looked at my feet, and thought, wow these feet have taken a beating over years; there is nothing sexy about runner's feet. Jeeze, a Man would have to really be in the s-Zone to worship these feet. Just keeping real. Anyway, I’m out!

Until Next Time,

Monday, July 5, 2010

"FormyMistress" is the Monday Morning Beauty of Week

Mr. "FormyMistress" has been chosen as the Monday Morning Beauty of the Week. Yesterday, I received an aggressive email from "FormyMistress". Clearly, he needs some attention. His angry little note was hilarious. Maybe he will find what he seeks.

What do you think? Would you vote him into the Monday Morning Beauty of the Week?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Baffled by the reality of Smooth Femdom

I’m not a dominatrix. I often ignore the many emails I receive from guys seeking a dominatrix, and referring to me as Mistress. However, when they send me repeated emails, they are often baffled when I respond that I am not a dominatrix, and to bugger off. I suspect they don’t really know what Smooth Femdom really is. The following is a more complete explanation of Smooth Femdom.

Smooth Femdom refers to a gynocentric relationship. Smooth is a metaphor for effortlessly exerting her will with ease and without roughness. While the term Femdom is a metaphore for the dominant female prerogative.

Male domination refers to 1) sociological system, and 2) particular sexual activities. The sociological system is Patriarchy. Patriarchy is a system of social organization characterized by male dominance. The sexual activities refer to Male dominance which consists of BDSM activities where the dominant partner is male. Often the dominant partner uses aggressive, rough, insensitive brutality to force ones subject into submission.

The male fantasy factory and desire machines have created a demand for internet entrepreneurs to conjure up images of the manufactured female version of the male dominant. Unfortunately, it is a distortion of female domination. Female dominants are not the patriarchal dominant porn construct of the Femdom characters distributed thought out the internet. Female domination existed in cultures going back more than 5000 years, and although it's unconventional, many gynocentric households exist today. There are some similarities between Female domination and Male domination, BUT the two destinctly differ.

In the same respect Female dominance is a 1) sociological system and 2), can pertain to psycho-sexual activities. The sociological system is Matriarchy. Matriarchy is a system of social organization characterized by Female dominance or gynocentrism. However, due to the physical differences between men and women, and their different physical and emotional needs, the psycho-sexual activity refers to her Dominant Female Prerogative, rather than the superiority of physical strength. The gynocentric prerogative is broken into two groups; the Goddess, and the Dominatrix.

The Goddess and the Dominatrix have different interests and varying approaches. The Goddess is a deity, while the Dominatrix is a servicer. The Goddess is multi-demsional, into the metaphysics, willful, independent and intense. While the Dominatrix is a monolithic character who becomes her subject’s puppet to act out his fetish list of being sexually dominated. The Goddess chooses her own path in guiding a man to spiritual ecstasy. While the Dominatrix exists to fulfill a man’s fantasy fetish list his way. The Goddess is into tantric devotion and hypnotic cosmic connections. While a Dominatrix is into whatever a man tells her he wants in order to get him off in a scene. The Goddess may partake in revelry and mischief if she pleases, as a form of foreplay and mating ritual. Conversely, the Dominatrix is only there for the revelry to work his kinks. The Goddess is rooted in who she is, determined, quirky,charming and sometimes even witty. While the Dominatrix remains in character as the dark stern corporal punisher patriarchal contruct.

Smooth Femdom refers to the developing relations between a Goddess and the object of her affection. While in the sphere of the internet porn, femdom refers to the dominatrix servicing a man to his pleasure. There is a DIFFERNCE. Reality vs Fantasy.