Thursday, September 22, 2011

Republican Bears on the Loose need to Be Tamed

This morning @smoothfemdom tweeted - Attack on US jobs is biggest US security threat. Largest state unions won't seek recertification #attackwatch
Interestingly, @CindyBP response to the tweet was "GOOD Bout time".
My thoughts are the following:
This is the face of the Santa Barbara Republican Tea Party, A Bear and his little mini-me Cub. Just know that Bear & his clan won't stop until they have populated the planet with their little cubs & destabilized the US through deregulation breaking down All protections for humanity. When that cub grows up, the world his Papa Bear helped to destroy will be the Hell he suffers and struggles in. The sins of his father have great repercussions on his future. If women ruled the planet, that little cub would have a much brighter future. Because women sustain the life on the planet, while men take it away for their own greed. God help him. Those Republican Bears on a rampage need to be tamed, for the preservation of society.