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Why Women Should Rule the World according W. Bond

William Bond is one of the smartest people on the planet. His philosophy on Matriarchy is so on point, and I am in full agreement with is position. If women ran the world we would have a prosperous loving and clean planet, with no genocide, and filled with love and nurturing. A matriarchal government would be PRO-LOVE, PRO-PEACE,PRO-HUMANISM and respect for all things and everyone creating a loving society. We are both Matriarchist and share similar views. Hence, below is a short excerpt of his view from YouTube. William Bond, the author of "Why Women Should Rule the World", first published in 2004 by PublishAmerica under the title: Make Love Not War Published by as both a E-book and printed book at. -


Ayesha said...

William Bond eh? How about that other guru, Rasa von Werder?

Btw, a male marketing matriarchy?

Black Chicks Rule said...

William Bond is not marketing matriarchy,he is writes imperically about the value of matrical societies as apposed to patriachal societies.

In my opinion Rosa Van Werder is not a Matriarchist she is a deity. She is confusing matriarchy with goddessism. She keeps referring to Matriarchy as a religion when in fact matriarchy is a society in which the women have the authority. Matriarchy is not a denomination or a religion, it is a social structure. She is a former stripper who sees her sexualization as a form of power over men. But the reality is she is actually working for men. I view strippers as the consummate pawn of the Patriarchal dominant male manipulated social structure, which she is used by men who want to be topped for cash. Essentially, she is incorrect; Matriarchy is no religion as she promotes it to be. Clearly, she is marketing it that way because it sells to that male fantasy factory. William writes empirically on the benefits of matriarchal rule; he is not referring to sex.

She is marketing the sexualization of women instead of the liberation of women. Bond, on the other hand is a writer who does not write about the sexualiation of women but the female ruling domain, and the benefit of women ruling. Now that is matriarchy.

William Bond is a cooky British writer who is enlighten and supports his position with logic and historical facts. Werder on the hand does not. She does not even know the difference between a religion and social structure. They are two distinctly different things and does not have it correct. Frankly, the serenity and mysticism that a dominant woman shares with her sub is a highly spiritual experience. Goddism is the religious aspect and tantric devotion marries the religion with the sexual connection. Werder seems to have that confused, she calls it all matriarchy. The dynamic by which she explains her self is through western religion dynamic i.e. Christianity. However, the tantric devotion and Goddessism is from the eastern spiritualism, ie Buddhism and Hinduism. It makes no since to be because western religions do not have deities. Unless you consider Mary mother of Jesus a deity, which some catholic might think so because the do pray to her. But again she is not sexual object. So again it makes not so since. Werder is confused.

Finally, matriarchy is NOT the female version of patriarchy. The social structure and social dynamic and values are different. William Bond gets what those factors are, where in Werder does not.

Let me know your thoughts. Maybe I need to read more of her work.

Ayesha said...

No need to explain to me Rasa's background and ideas, as i know all of that from years ago already, and found them utterly noisy, silly and boring, lol. The same counts for William's tho. If u haven't done so already, u should read some of the interviews between the 2 of them. Maybe u will deduct from those. like me, that essentially there is no difference between the thoughts of these 2 people.

Btw, listening to William Bond, is like listening to an old broken vinyl record. What a monotone and boring voice that man has. No zest, no passion at all! Look into his eyes. Dead!

He’s one of those men, who couldn’t come to grips with himself, and found a way out of that, by putting women on a pedestal, trying to load his own mess on our shoulders, and preaching that we should take responsibility for something in which he and his brethren failed. All larded with old clichés and pseudo scientific crap why we should take over the world.

Black Chicks Rule said...

I giggled through your entire tickled me so much, and is so true. He is boring, and I agree that he has that kooky British version of Mr. Magoo.:-) bland monotone voice. But his concepts are not new. There are scholars that have PhDs in women's studies that have written 200 page dissertations of the Liberation of Women. He clearly takes all his concepts from the empirical studies of patriarchal dominance and it's detriment to societies, tribes and even the planet. I posted his youtube version because most men have no idea what I am talking about. Nor do they really care for that matter. But I am so impressed that he cares, and has the intelligence to understand the concepts of female empowerment and it's profound beniefits to societies around the world. I have yet to meet a man who can see beyond their dick, even the submissive ones. Suprisingly, this kooky little man writes about it. You are so right, his shabby beard, coffee stained crooked teeth, and dumpy little style reminds me so much of a nutty professor. But his profound ability to effectively articulate the benefits of matriarchy warranted me posting his video.

I too agree he is very Brittish and lacks expression. He is quite unappealing to me sexually. But intellectually he had great insight. But I would rather look at him and listen to the facts, than look at some of these out shape naked men on some of these blogs I subsrcibe too. God, if I see another fat stomached little dick man, I will scream. It kills me that subs who write some of these blogs actually take pictures of themselves looking a holly hot MESS!Then have the nerve to post it on their blog. They need to diet, get fit and tighten up for their woman. Then their women need to make thenm apologize to us readers for having to deal with gagging from viewing their jacked up bodies with their teeny-weeney tiny dick-clits and giant low hanging stretched balls. It amazes me that I take more pleasure in reading the gay blogs than the straight ones, because the men are ripped & GORGEOUS. Nontheeless, I thought William Bond didn't vere worse than what I see on some of the blogs I subscribe to. So, sorry you had to be bored to death with the nutty professor.:-)...

Ayesha said...

Pot bellied gentlemen and their associates, i sent to the man in the clouds, or his counterpart beneath the rocks, a long time ago. So Master Bond 000, is denied by me any favorable comparisons with these phantoms of my past.

I remember, i once asked this scholar of patriarchal womanhood, in a long ago taken to its grave "femdom"-group: "But what mister Bond if us women don't want to rule the world?" I didn't expect an answer, and woohooo, didn't get one indeed. Guess he was stumped and left speechless, after having been exposed to such ignorance, and worse, such blasphemy.

Black Chicks Rule said...

Actually, there is no such thing as "patriarchal womanhood". If you spoke to a scholar of 'patriarchal womanhood", that person is a fraud. Where did he get his PhD from the "RommyRome school of edjima-kation"? What did he write his dissertation on, the Art of Bullshit and utter nonsense? It offends me when people make a mockery of women's liberation, female empowerment, matriarchists and the like. Frankly, woman have come into their own in the 20th century. YOU are the one dilluded, if you think for one second that there are no women who want to rule the world. To the contrary, their are many who are working on it as we speak, are willing and capable to govern societies. It is that Men kill, destrou, Lie, steal, cheat, create wars, and cou against female leadership to take them down and take their power through corruption and manipulation. There are several examples of successfull women leaders who overcame those obstcles but not enough to media coverage to inform the illiterate of what is really happening in the world. Sadly a common trend of female leaders who became unstopable against the patriarchal power machine were assassinated like Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

Here is a quick list to name a few Female World Leaders, as I know there are many not mentioned and more in the pipeline:

President Mary McAleese Nov. 11, 1997 - elected

2 Finland (1st) President Tarja Halonen Mar. 1, 2000 - elected

3 Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel Nov. 22, 2005 - elected

4 Liberia President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Jan. 16, 2006 - elected

5 India President Pratibha Patil Jul. 25, 2007 - elected

6 Argentina President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner Dec. 10, 2007 - elected

7 Bangledesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wajed Jan. 6, 2009 - elected

8 Iceland Prime Minister Jóhanna Sigurdardóttir Feb. 1, 2009 - appointed 2009, elected 2009

9 Croatia Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor Jul. 6, 2009 - appointed

10 Lithuania President Dalia Grybauskaite Jul. 12, 2009 - elected

11 Switzerland President Doris Leuthard Jan. 1, 2010 - appointed

12 Kyrgyzstan President Rosa Otunbayeva Apr. 7, 2010 - coup

13 Costa Rica President Laura Chinchilla May 8, 2010 - elected

14 Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar May 26, 2010 - elected

15 Finland (2nd) Prime Minister Mari Kiviniemi Jun. 22, 2010 - appointed

16 Australia Prime Minister Julia Gillard Jun. 24, 2010 - appointed

17 Slovakia Prime Minister Iveta Radicová Jul. 8, 2010 - elected

Ayesha said...

Oh i know all that as well. Don't believe i didn't do my homework. And bless them all. ( But it's not for me. I certainly don't want to rule the world. As a matter of fact, i don't want to rule anybody. I hate rules. As i laugh at any law, rite, protocol, and any other prescribed value, norm, or behavior as well! And in case i occasionally would stray from that, well, consider that an exception to the rule, or that i’m faking it, just to get my way, lol. Example of the latter? Sometimes i play along with politicians, captains of industry, or other self proclaimed powerhouses, gradually dumping them into their own filth. And these weaklings love it even, rofl.

Now, don't think for one second, that i'm an anarchist eh? Can't stand their rules either.

william said...

Hi Everyone

I am very aware I don't speak very well and black tooth happened when I was once punched in the mouth.

Anyway I am now more expert in making videos, so I have made two new videos on the same subject, without my face on them and a friend of mine done the commentary. So if any of you are interested they are available at. -

Why We Need Women To Rule Our World; Part One
Why We Need Women To Rule Our World; Part Two

William Bond

Goddess said...

Yes , we should rule the word.